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During the execution of the Genosuber project, it was created, in 2014, a unique cork oak population, since it is the only population for which the parents of each tree are known.

This cork oak F1 population was generated using controlled pollinations, where four trees were used as mother-trees. Each of them was subsequently pollinized with pollen harvested in 10 different cork oaks, located in four distinct regions in Portugal, that were used as the male parents. The acorns that resulted from these crossings were harvested and germinated at a nursery (Viveiros de Santo Isidro, Pegões). A total of 298 cork oaks with known pedigree were obtained.

These cork oaks were kept at the nursery during the initial stages of their development, and were recently planted in a plot at Herdade da Abóbada - Centro de Experimentação do Baixo Alentejo, part of Direção Regional de Agricultura e Pescas do Alentejo.

Additional information regarding the whole process of production and management of this population will be made available soon.

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